The Delectable Mountains Quilt Guild (DMQG) is a volunteer club of quilters who create a variety of styles from traditional to art, teach new quilters and new techniques, contribute to the community and enjoy the friendship of other quilters.

A West Virginia University Community Educational Outreach Services (CEOS) Group
 and member of American Quilters Socity. Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 
   Annually  DMQG stages a quilt show at the Ice House in Berkeley Springs that includes a Yard Square Quilt benefit auction for a local charity. We participate in the county's Apple Butter Festival and EXPO. We also have members involved with Quilts of Valor.
    This collection of pictures that graphically tells the story of our many activities, introduces some of our members and celebrates where we live.
    Included is an introduction to our Yard Square Quilts.
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meetings are in question due to the pandemic

1st Monday of month
6:00 PM
1st & 3rd Wednesdays of month
11: AM

All meetings held at
American Legion
527 Washington St. (Rt 5 22)
Berkeley Springs WV

 The concurrent Yard Square Quilts Walking Tour of the Town – a display of more than fifty 36” quilts hanging in local businesses – runs for six weeks. 

September 6th
State Park 
Berkeley Springs WV
Humane Society of Morgan County.
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Gallery Review of all Quilts for sale
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for information - DMQG.info
On facebook DMQG

On facebook: DMQG

"America Proud"
July 23 to September 13
Ice House, Berkeley Springs WV
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Our 2020 Quilt show is now open!

The show's optimistic theme, "American Proud" recognizes that 2020 is an election year, that everyone should vote and "No matter what conflicts are going on in print and on social media, no matter how citizens may feel restrictive, we, as a country will have our history, our principles, our resiliency and our hope!" says curator, Abby Chapple.

The Ice House is the perfect venue for this show at this time.The venue is a renovated vintage storage building and it is huge. This means there is plenty of room for the display of quilts and wide aisles for visitors to keep 6-feet apart. And of course masks are required. 

    o Traditional designs include a reproduction Amish Quilt and one displaying Civil War Blocks.There is one showing Mt. Rushmore and  one showing the ever popular blue jeans, called "Americas Uniform." 
Memory quilts inlude a family's Model A Ford, one made from a Grandmother handkerchiefs, and another is anniverary quilt for a son and daughter-in-law.

​    o Among many contemporary quilts are two original, never-shown-before designs: "Mardi Gras" and "American Homestead." Hot off the Press patterns for these two designs are available in the boutique.

    o Also on display is the Guild's commemorative quilt made by 21 members, The Morgan County Bicentennial Quilt. It consists of 35 blocks showing people, places and events important to the county.

    o A favorite of visitors is the large boutique showing many local handmade items. Included in this shop is fabric, bags and purses, decorative home accessories, loads of toys and quilting sundries.